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 Gallery  Room

Featuring Local Artists and Craftsmen of Buffalo, NY

For a relativity small town, Buffalo has a thriving arts community and it is one that I am glad to be a part of. I have lived here for most of my life and I love that we are a city rich with culture. Like so many of my fellow artists, it has always been necessary for me to work a day job. when many of your waking hours are spent working, it leaves you with a deep desire to connect with others that share your appreciation for the arts in any way you can. Most often this means taking advantage of public spaces that promote the arts and taking opportunities to show your work. Being a part time artist in no way lessees the full- time love so many of us share for the power that art can wield. Trends come and go, but art remains a true form of expression that transcends the mainstream and allows for an individual to speak there personal visual language.

I recently saw an opportunity to support the arts more actively here in Buffalo while paying it forward, so to speak, to all those who have shared there own art spaces with me over the years. I decided to transform my home on Elmwood Avenue into s gallery and showroom for local artists and craftsmen. It has always been a dream of mine to create a space like this and share it with the community. The location works perfectly to this end, and what better way to repurpose a historic home in the Elmwood village ? I have named the space Parables ,because art, as a medium ,allows the viewer to step out of here and now and glimpse the hereafter. It allows us to heighten our perceptions and adds a depth to life that little else can rival. It is with this desire of heart that I invite you to visit the space I've created and share in this amazing collective we know at the arts community in Buffalo.

Much Love Glenn Kroetsch

Call for Work

Call For Work ,some group show themes that have done well in the past ,and that I have received to do again ,so here we go-unfortunately for right now not able to do the First Friday Gallery Walk Receptions like we use to do .Also so you know the only fee I charge is a 30% commission on pieces sold .Please send me some samples , inc. the size to [email protected] & pass along .Thanks for your support.

Peace Glenn

I have turned the first floor of my house at 1027 ELMWOOD in Buffalo's Elmwood Village into a gallery & gift shop. I have 3 rooms:

PARABLES GALLERY SHOP ROOM : Features Art inspired clothing and Home Decor ,Prints ,Functional art items. Contemporary Art images from local artist's and photographers that are a part of Parables Gallery.

THE ONLY FEE :30% when something is sold.

GALLERY OWNERS ROOM .In this room will be my Textured Acrylic paintings & photos .

GALLERY ROOM: The largest room is for:events and for solo or group exhibit for artists to show and sell your work.

THE ONLY FEE :30%commission on sold pieces .

PROMOTION FOR EXHIBITS INCLUDES: 3'x5' Banner on front of the building,First Friday reception,title cards,post card to email and hard copies to mail,listings in the local papers,constant postings on: Instagram,2 Facebook pages,and the the Gallery's web-site .

Please send 3 samples of works to: Glenn Kroetsch [email protected]

If you would like to come check out the space,my hours are:

Thurs.12-5 Fri. 12-7

Sat. 11 -5 Sun. 12-5

Artists & Craftsmen always a call for work

I am looking forward to working with you

Glenn Kroetsch

Parables Gallery & Gifts LLC

1027 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo NY 14222


[email protected]

Facebook: Parables Gallery and Gifts

Instagram : @parablesgalleryandgifts